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Interiors appropriate to the home

John Koncar’s education in period decoration, his experience in modernist architectural firms and his passion for perfection ensure that your project will be innovative, but also correctly rooted to classical ideals.

  • Furniture planning, assessment of existing collection
  • Custom furniture design and selection
  • Reupholstery
  • Carpet and floor covering selection and procurement
  • Window covering, drapery designs and fabrication
  • Furniture restoration and refinishing
  • Accessorization
  • Interior painting, wall papering and faux finishing
  • Project management, expert procurement, final staging
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Visionary Solutions for space

Through complete and comprehensive space planning, John brings a creative approach to using the space you have in unexpected and useful ways. 

  • Use analysis
  • Floor plan revisions
  • Access to architectural services
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Custom kitchens and bathrooms

The residence, the client and functionality each plays an equal part in arriving at kitchen and bathroom solutions befitting the house and client.  From efficiency in use of space to selection of the most intelligent appliances, smart lighting and electronics, your new kitchen or bath should function as an extension of self.

  • Planning
  • Construction documents
  • Specification of fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, surfaces
  • Procurement and project management
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Custom Furnishings

John brings his artful approach to designing functional and decorative cabinetry tailored specifically to your needs. His complement of exceptional crafts persons ensures quality. Florian Furniture, his subsidiary company, is a source for heirloom quality, expertly crafted upholstered furniture and cabinetry, reflecting his personal sense of style and his demand for comfort.

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Home theatre design

John Koncar Interiors has created stunning spaces in which light, sound and comfort combine to provide the ultimate in home entertainment environments. Working with audio/video groups, John will lead the process of creating a distinctive environment for the private enjoyment of film and media.

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Lighting Design with sensitivity

John Koncar offers comprehensive lighting design incorporating the latest in LED technology and the illumination of art. It is light that makes a space come alive. But it is the science of lighting a space that makes the difference. John continuously calls upon his training at the General Electric Nela Park Lighting institute, and continuing education to keep abreast of the latest developments in lighting for style and energy efficiency. Even the type and shape of lamp contribute to the overall sense of balance and comfort his lighting designs provide.

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comprehensive project management

John Florian Koncar Interiors’ administrative staff expertly monitors and manages each component of product procurement and delivery. Our state of the art software manages your project accurately and with accountability.

Remodeling and Home Design